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Ambisonics is a multichannel audio technology, allowing for encoding, recording and reproduction of audio signals containing complete spatial information
SPS (Spatial PCM Sampling) is a modern alternative to Ambisonics, invented by Alberto Amendola and Angelo Farina

The following web pages are hosted on, dealing with various aspects of Ambisonics and SPS technologies:

Several Ambisonics-related resources are available on this web site:

Software for B-format processing

B-format recordings (also binaural, for comparison)

Patent and paper by Michael Gerzon describing the functionality of the Soundfield (TM) microphone

Patent and paper by Michael Gerzon and Geoff Barton describing advanced decoders for irregular 5.0 layouts.

Reports about tests on Soundfield microphones and B&K probes

Firmware for transforming a BSS Soundweb DSP unit in an 8-channels Ambisonics decoder.

Web Links

Sparta suite of plugins by Leo McCormack University of Aaalto

Ambix suite of plugins by Mathias Kronlachner

Ambisonic Studio plugins by Daniel Courville

O3A Core free plugins by Richard Furse

IEM Plugin Suite at Graz University

Ambisonic Bootlegs - huge collection of B-format recordings and Ambisonics-related articles - the historical repository of Ambisonics - the Waves project about collecting B-format impulse responses of all the theatres of the world

York's University Ambisonics web site - free VST plugins and a lot of infos on Ambisonics

Aristotel Digenis web site - free 3rd-order Ambisonics decoder, & more!

Bruce Wiggins' web site at the University of Derby - free VST and Direct-X Ambisonics decoder

Jerome Daniel web site at France Telecom - high-order Ambisonics plugins and microphone arrays - professional VST plugins for Ambisonics processing (freeware and commercial)

Robert Green's REGONAUDIO web site - a lot of articles about various audio technologies, including surround

Visual Virtual Microphone by David McGriffy - powerful software (standalone and VST) for processing 1st-order B.format files

Ambisonics page on wikipedia

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