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Aurora is a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Audition: room acoustical impulse responses can be measured and manipulated, for the recreation of audible, three-dimensional simulations of the acoustical space.



















NEW! - Aurora 4.0 plug-ins

Aurora 4.0 is composed by 16 modules ("plug-ins"). Aurora extensions to Adobe Audition, in the form of 15 custom XFM modules + 1 FLT module, which contain the most advanced and powerful functions: fast and real-time convolution (auralization), measurement of experimental Impulse Responses with MLS, IRS ot Sweep signal, creation of inverse filters and of cross-talk cancelling networks, calculation of ISO 3382 acoustical parameters.
Computation of Speech Transmission Index (IEC 60268/16 - 2003) and Active Speech Level (ITU-T P.56 - 1993).
Direct read/write filter for MLSSA .TIM Impulse Responses.
You can download the Aurora 4.0 package or click on any icon for more info about the corresponding plug-in.


Aurora 3.3 old plug-ins

Generate .mlsDeconvolve MLS signal

These 12 older plug-ins were part of previous releases (3.x), but they are still available
These are 12 obsolete, unfinished or unstable plug-ins; the Aurora 4.0 plug-ins allow for the same or better functionality.
However, some people could be interested in these older (and, in some cases, simpler) plug-ins, so they are still available for download as part of the package v. 3.3.
Click on each icon for more info about the corresponding plug-in.
You can also download the Aurora 3.3 package (it is suggested that you FIRST install the older Aurora 3.3 package, and THEN the Aurora 4.0 package, so the newer version of some plugins will overwrite the older ones)


ADOBE Audition

Adobe Audition Homepage

AURORA runs as an extension (or, better, a suite of plug-ins) under Audition (formerly named CoolEdit), a powerful recording and editing program. It can manage any kind of audio files. It is capable of denoising, filtering, spectral analysis and an incredible number of effects of any kind, including morphing, resampling, repitching, etc.
You can download the trial version of Adobe Audition 2.0 from the ADOBE web site


Waveform collection

A large waveform collection is supplied to Aurora users through this web site. Actually, this huge amount of priceless information can be freely downloaded by everyone. This includes:

  • anechoic samples of music and speech
  • experimental binaural impulse responses of more than 20 theatres and concert halls
  • some B-format, 4-channels impulse responses
  • the complete set of binaural Head Related Transfer Functions of the Kemar dummy head, as measured at MIT Medialab ,
  • The HRTFs in the horizontal plane of the Sennheiser MKE2002set dummy head
  • The HRTFs in the horizontal plane of the Bruel & Kjaer types 4100 and 4128.
  • The HRTFs in the horizontal plane of the Ambassador dummy head
  • The HRTFs at various elevations of the new Bruel & Kjaer type 4100D.

If You experience too heavy download time, You can order (at a nominal fee) a CD-ROM containing a complete mirror copy of this web site, including all the audio files above.


Audio Converter

Audio Converter allows for file-format conversion between the Ramsete room-acoustic simulation results and standard Windows .WAV or MLSSA .TIM audio files. Starting from the release 3.0 of Aurora, Audio Converter is no more part of the Aurora package itself; it is, instead, part of Ramsete, and Ramsete registered users can download it for free.

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