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Registration policy

Aurora is classified as a "shareware" product - the plugins can be freely downloaded, the integral package can be freely redistributed (only in the format of the original ZIP archives, containing all the files), and the software can be used without any restriction for an unlimited time by everyone.

Why to register, then? There are three good reasons for registering Aurora:

  1. While the plugins are unregistered, they exhibit an annoying behaviour: each time a plugin is invoked, there is a probability of 1:4 that it causes the host program to crash. This is based on a random number generator (it is called a "russian roulette") - be ensured, however, that forcing the host program to crash is a fair approach, as it does not cause any data loss - Simply relaunching Adobe Audition triggers its safe data-retrieval procedure, and the user will be back with all his opened waveforms. Of course, after registering the plugins, this annoying behaviour disappears.
  2. In some countries it is not allowed to employ unregistered shareware software for performing professional tasks having legal value, such as room acoustics or architectural acoustics measurements, or for creating official test reports. Similarly, using an unregistered copy of Aurora for making scientific publications is considered academically unfair.
  3. By registering the Aurora plugins You give a feedback to the Author, stimulating their maintenance and further development - You must understand that the money required for the registration is very little, and this does not provide a substantial annual income. Aurora is not a commercial product, and the registration fee is not for the subsistence of the author. Aurora is, under any respect, a scientific publication made by a member of the academic staff, within his duties, and the registration fee is there just for giving the proper "published" status to it (unfortunately, under Italian law, open-source and freeware software is NOT considered a published scientific work).

You can register Aurora by sending money through Paypal to the author (Send Money to farina@unipr.it), who will answer sending you the registration code(s).

The price for the Complete Aurora suite (16 plugins and more) is 250 EUR

Please notice that a registered user of Aurora is allowed to install as many copies of Aurora as he needs, on any number of computers. However, a registered user should not release to others his own registration codes. So, if Aurora is to be used as a "site" software, only one registration fee has to be paid - some Universities employ more than one hundreth copies of Aurora, and they did pay just one registration fee! The same is done inside some large companies, such as Motorola, Arup, Fiat, Audi, Porsche, Bang&Olufsen, Waves, etc.

Aurora plugins work with Adobe Audition, versions 1.0 (obsolete), 1.5 (the best), 2.0 (unreliable) or 3.0 (the most powerful, but less stable than 1.5). Adobe released the latter version 3.0 as freeware in 2013 for registered CS2 users, which can be donwloaded clicking on the link above.

If you are a Mac user, and want to use Aurora, you have two choices:

  • install PlayOnMac, and then use Audition 1.5, which works perfectly under OSX.
  • switch to Aurora for Audacity, which is the open source, free version of Aurora.
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