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Aurora is a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Audition v. 1.0..3.0 (NOT for further versions CS or CC): currently Audition 3.0 can be downloaded for free by registered Adobe users, following the link provided here above.

Aurora plugins have many different goals, but they were initially developed for measuring and manipulating room acoustical impulse responses, performing analysis of acoustical parameters and auralization.

Sweep response
Module "Convolve with Clipboard"

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Look here for a list of scientific papers related to Aurora

This web site is maintained by the author, Angelo Farina, and is hosted on a server at the University of Parma, ITALY


Advice: following the Italian Law (D.L. 29 December 1992, n. 518), computer programs developed in Italy are completely equivalent to literature operas (books).
The Italian law is in full accordance with the EC Directive 91/250/CEE.
Of consequence, Aurora software is published (not sold, nor licensed). Copyright law applies (Berne's convention), not patent law.
The Aurora software is not patented, and does not contain technology constrained by existing patents - as Aurora is legally equivalent to a publication, the original technology contained in Aurora is not patentable. The author is against software patents of any kind! However, Aurora contains also technology developed by other authors, and described in their publications. Follow this link for the scientific papers written by the author of Aurora, which contain proper credit and citation to those authors.

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Information about the Aurora computer program is provided here just as a reference for the underlying research work.

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