Directory of the Aurora CD-ROM


The image on the left shows the directory of the Aurora CD. The whole content is downloadable through the Internet, but beware of the large size of some files.

Simply click on the directory which You want, or on the "Folders" strip for browsing the whole /Public directory.

Please note that this material is here as free support for the Aurora users, there is serious risk of law infringement if the contents of this CD are employed for anything else than research.

In particular, most of the anechoic samples contained here is copyrighted material, and the user has theoretically only the right to "listen" at such audio files !!!

After such an advice, any illegal use or misuse of the downloaded material is under the entire responsibility of the downloader: in no case the Author of Aurora can be considered responsible for those uses.

Under the Italian law, it is exactly as if the downloader borrowed from me an audio CD, which I have regularly purchased, and make illegal copies of it - this is not my responsability!