A U R O R A    P l u g - i n s

Spatial Parameters

This module computes Spatial Paramaters following two different approaches:

  • ISO 3382 (parameters LE, LF, LFC), based on stereo measurements in which channel left is Omni (W) and channel right is a figure-of-eight (Y). The module also takes into account, if required for the 3 dB gain rduction which occurs on the W channel of a Soundfield microphone.
  • Ando's theory. Three of the four Ando's parameters are derived from a Binaural impulse response:
    • IACC (Inter-Aural cross-correlation) and related parameters (wIACC, Tau-Iacc)
    • ITDG (Initial Time Delay Gap), as also defined by Beranek
    • Tsub (Subsequent reverberation time)
The fourth Ando's parameter, the Listening Level (LL) has to be measured separately with a Sound Level Meter.


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