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ITU P56 Time Profile Analysis

This module performs the analysis of the temporal fluctuactions of the level of a recorded sound. It has basically three possible functions:

  • measurement of the Active Speech Level of the human voice signal according to ITU-P56. The ITU frequency-limiting curve can be applied.
  • measurement of standard acoustical parameters Leq, Lmax (with time weightings Slow, Fast, Impulse) and detection of impulsive events (whenever LmaxImpulse exceeds LmaxSlow by more than 5 dB). If the recording was linear, the IEC "A-weighting" curve can be applied.
  • analysis of the reaction of the human body to whole-body vibrations, by applying the generic-axis acceleration weighting curve according to ISO 2731, and then looking at the Max Slow level.

We start loading a stereo recording of speech, as shown here:






















Now we invoke the ITUP56 module, and the following window appears:











Pressing OK, the result window appears:



















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