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Deconvolve Multiple MLS signal

This module retrieves the system's impulse response(s) from a recording made after excitation with the signal generated through the Generate Multiple MLS module.
This processing is suitable only for measurement made with synchronous playback and recording, typically made under CoolEditPro in Multitrack mode, playing the excitation signal on track #1 and simultaneously recording the binaural response on track #2, as shown here:
Obviously for proper deconvolution the proper parameters must be set, matching those of the excitation signal. Let we assume that a stereo generation was made on a pair of loudspeakers, and that a binaural recording of the system's response was made through a dummy head placed in front of the pair of loudspeakers. This means that two separate, consecutive measurement were done, each made of 16 repetitions of the MLS signal having order 15B. Thus the deconvolution parameters must be the following:












The first sequence of each group of 16 is discarded, because the system is not steady yet. Furthermore, only the first 4096 point of each measured Impulse Response are retained, starting from the beginning without skipping any samples.













After the deconvolution, a set of 4 impulse response is obtained. First are the binaural IR of the Left loudspeaker, followed by the binaural IR of the Right loudspeaker:
















The impulse response files, in this format called 2x2, are already suitable for the calculation of cross-talk cancelling filters through the Inverse Kirkeby module.
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