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Audio Converter

Audio Converter is simply a format converter between different file formats: WAV, TIM (MLSSA), B&K2133 and Ramsete.
Particularly reamarkable is the conversion from Ramsete to .WAV or .TIM wave files: during this process, the 10 octave band, energetic impulse response is converted in one wide-band pressure impulse response which produces back the same objective parameters when processed with suitable software. For example, post- processing with the MLSSA software a converted .TIM file, the same values of Clarity, Center Time, Reverberation Time, etc. as the original Ramsete file are obtained.
Obviously this is not enough to ensure a realistic auralisation: anyway subjective tests conducted with a selected panel of listeners demostrated that this reconstruction is realistic enough for making audible the differences between proposed room treatments modelled with Ramsete.
This picture shows the user's interface of the Audio Converter:
















The Octave Band Equalizer function makes it possible to adjust the spectrum of the converted impulse response: this is important if it was obtained from a Ramsete simulation based on a flat sound source, but the impulse response has to be compared with an experimental one obtained with a sound source having a non-flat spectrum (i.e. a gun shot)
For obtaining binaural impulse responses it is necessary to convert the energy impulse responses of two Ramsete receivers, placed very near to a diffracting ("obstructing" in Ramsete's terminology) sphere of proper diameter. Although this way some details of the Head Related Transfer Function are not correctly reproduced, the spatialisation effect is good enough to give the impression of the correct direction of provenienece of the sound.
New developments are in progress about this point in these days...

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