Ramsete Tracer 

The Pyramid Tracer is the core of Ramsete package: this native Win-32t MS Visual C++ code is optimized for speed on Pentium / Pentium PRO machines, enabling incredibly fast calculations of the sound field inside complex enclosures: tracing 256 pyramids in a large sport arena, with 2000 delimiting surfaces, 48 receivers, and following each pyramid for 4 seconds with no limit on the number of reflections takes less than 30s on a Pentium Pro 200. One could argue that 256 pyramids are a too little number, but remember that Pyramid Tracing is quite different from Ray Tracing!!! 256 pyramids are the optimal number for a time resoultion of 10ms, and even wanting an 1ms time resolution in the computed impulse responses no more than 2048 pyramids are required.

This is the user's interface of the Tracer:


For multiple batch launchs, it is possible to sequence the tracing over different cases, pressing the Multi Launch button in the above panel:

Multi Launch

During the calculation, this dialog box appears giving information about the current processing: