Curriculum of Angelo Farina 

Prof. Ing. Angelo Farina was born in Parma (Italy) on 25/09/1958, and is currently full Professor of Environmental Technical Physics (ING-IND/11) at the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma, Via delle Scienze 181/A - 43100 PARMA - tel. +39 0521 905854 - fax +39 0521 905705 E-MAIL: - WWW Home Page: HTTP://

Angelo graduated at the University of Bologna in 1982 (5-years "laurea" degree in Civil Engineering);
At the same University he got a Ph.D. in Technical Physics in 1987. In both cases the theses were about Applied Acoustics topics.
In 1986 he became Researcher in Environmental Technical Physics, initially at the University of Bologna, and since March 1992 at the University of Parma.
He became Associated Professor in Environmental Technical Physics on 1st November 1998 at the University of Parma, and since then he is holding courses of Technical Physics at the faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Medicine.
Since 1st May 2005 he is Full Professor in Environmental Technical Physics, and now teaches Applied Acoustics at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Parma

Angelo conducted wide and deep researches in almost all the fields of Acoustics, and particularly he worked on digital signal processing techniques for acustical measurements and audio effects, and on numerical models for the sound field estimation in closed and open spaces, and underwater.
Namely Angelo Farina is one of the authors of the commercial simulation program Ramsete ( and of the official Italian environmental simulation model DISIA (
Angelo is also the author of the suite of plugins Aurora (, which are used for measuring room impulse responses with the MLS method, and also with the novel ESS (Exponential Sine Sweep) method, which was pioneered by Angelo Farina, and gained him the honour of being nominated AES fellow in 2008.
In the last years he focused on transducer arrays: microphone arrays for capturing the spatial properties of the soundfield and for analyzing it with visual maps, and loudspeaker arrays for reproducing a controlled soundfield in space. This using 4 methods: traditional High Order Ambisonics, traditional Wave Field Synthesis, and two novel methods invented by Angelo Farina and colleagues, named 3DVMS (3-dimensional Virtual Microphone System, developed together with Leonardo Scopece at RAI research center in Turin) and SPS (Spatial PCM Sampling, developed together with Alberto Amendola).
The current research projects make use of simulated or measured MIMO impulse responses, which are matrices of impulse responses obtained stimulating the sound field with superdirective loudspeaker arrays and capturing the room response using a spherical microphone array. This method is at the core of three research projects: the ERC Adcvanced Grant ARTSOUNDSCAPES, the EU-funded regional project SIPARIO and the EU international project PHE.
Angelo is author of 300 scientific papers; most of them are in English, and were presented at international conferences and/or printed in peer-reviewed scientific journals. As Angelo is a strong supporter of Open Science, all these papers are freely available for download in full text here: