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You can check out my papers here.


I hail from Parma, Italy, I'm a biker (both kinds) and a scuba diver.
I'm an Electronics and Computer Science graduate. My main academic interest is media technology, in particular the interaction between sound and video.

I spent 2020 working for the Artsoundscapes Project. Basically I took acoustical measurements of caves with prehistoric paintings and performed photogrammetric recontructions during archeological expeditions and I developed a software workflow for the automatic computation of acoustical parameters. With that data it should be possible to create a 6DoF VR reconstruction of both the visual and auditory fields.
I also sometimes work in media creation, in particular recording panoramic audio-visual experiences both on land (a collection of 360 recordings of the Verdi Festival here in Parma) and underwater (a manually stitched 360 video of Maldivian fish producing sounds). I've often done print-based design and editing projects, ranging from event posters to small newspapers and zines. I develop software on commission, mostly with Python. Finally, I have worked as a surveyor, mapping out a mountain area for a prospected development project.

My thesis project was a VR system for producing physically motivated sounds. I re-created a university lab in Unity, and added virtual objects that produce binauralized sounds based on their location and on the way they're physically handled, taking into account both their materials and the mechanical characteristics of their collisions.