Convolution Page (under construction)

Convolution is a mathematical operation which consists on the filtering of one signal (the "source") passing it through an FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter, which is simply another signal. The operation is quite simple in frequency domain, where it reduces to (complex) multiplication between the spectra of the signals.

For Auralization, a dry (anechoic) signal is processed through binaural impulse responses, obtained from measurement or computed with Ramsete.

A more advanced process can be used for multi-channel Impulse Responses, for example B-format IRs for Ambisonics rendering. In this case, a multichannel convolver is required.

The ultimate application is however Ambiophonics, which requires simultaneous cross-talk cancellation and convolution with several independent room impulse responses.

Many software tools are available nowadays for performing the convolution real-time on a PC, without the need of expensive hardware (which was developed several years ago from Lake Technologies):

However, here are the references also to three hardware convolvers actually available on the market: